Scholastic Partnerships

BSP is dedicated to promoting science education in Boston communities surrounding Harvard Medical School. We hope to aid students in their pursuit of a quality education. We have worked with many schools and after-school programs to provide a supplement to normal classroom curriculum by facilitating hands-on scientific activities. BSP has allocated funds and loaned equipment to schools such as New Mission High School (Mission Hill), The Hennigan School (Jamaica Plain), The Epiphany School (Dorchester), The Fenway School (Boston), Norwell High School (Norwell), and Boston Trinity Academy (Boston), and has partnered with after-school or summer programs such as MEDscience, Prevention-NOW and B-SAFE. BSP supports partnership between such program and HMS student organizations such as HMS KIDS and Science Savvy.

Along with supplying equipment and materials, BSP-sponsored medical and graduate students design lab experiments for the classroom in collaboration with educators at each school. One very successful format for middle school outreach has been summer science workshops, developed as curriculum for after-school programs like B-SAFE. These workshops offer one-to-two weeks of a full-time, hands-on science curriculum.