BSP is currently supported by generous gifts from The McKenzie Family Charitable Trust and from the Biogen Idec Foundation. These funds support the outreach efforts of many HMS graduate students and medical students that work with middle school children in our local communities each year, as well as several on campus programs, including our high school and undergraduate BSP Fellows research internships and our Curriculum Development Fellowships for K-12 teachers.  Since 1996, previous donations have also come from a variety of sources including the HMS Department of Cell Biology and many of its senior faculty members, The McKenzie Family Charitable Trust, VWR Scientific Products, Carl Zeiss, Inc. and Schleicher & Schuell, as well as a generous one-time grant from the William Townsend Porter Foundation.  These early contributions were essential for founding BSP and initiating many of its current programs.



Executive and Founding Director of BSP

David Van Vactor, Ph.D. - Professor of Cell Biology, HMS

Associate Director of BSP

Emily Gleason, Ph.D., Curriculum Fellow, HMS

Program Coordinator

Ms. Kerry Mojica, Administrative Assistant in Cell Biology


Gintaras Sekmokas, Web developer, HMS. 


We thank previous HMS faculty, students, interns and staff:

John Flanagan
Adrian Salic
Randy King
Steve Gygi
Tomer Avidor-Reiss
Antoine van Oijen
Spyros Artavanis-Tsakonas
Joan Ruderman
John Blenis
Saskia Van Vactor
Samuel Lichtman-Mikol
Rachel Wallworks
Tina Ren
Carly Park
Kelli Carrol
Amy Emerman
Patrice Darby
Brian Pepe-Mooney
Daniella Scalice
John Lippencott
Stephan Wawersik
Malena Taylor
Cathie Pfleger
Julie Frantsve
Lindsey Bromley
Jessica Paulus
Bob Datta
Amy Lepre
Cheryl Thompson
Kenneth Baughman
Anne Lee
Nina Dudnik
Grace Williams
April Duckworth
Jamin DeProto
Henry Ho
Torin Koester
Saskia Rivera
Audrey Ryan
Nenita Stipe
Tom Stipe
Justin Yarrow
Nicholas Van Vactor
Madeline Cornelli
Jennifer Long
Gabriela Zarraga